Rainy Day Preschool Activities

Are you singing the rainy day song right now? I can tell you the flowers in the backyard are having a nice sip on the welcomed rain water. Often times rainy days leave preschoolers a bit on edge. What is there to do inside? What does the thunder mean? Today, help your little one discover some fun rainy day activities.


These free printable rainy day counting mats for preschoolers are a great way to have your little ones practice counting to ten. The kids will love the fun rainy day friends featured on each counting mat, and you'll love all the skills covered in this simple, no-prep activity! CLICK HERE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD


Try to introduce the thrill of playing in the rain. Rain Art starts on a baking sheet, combined with some liquid food coloring (the neon kind), and some white construction paper to do an easy and fun art activity… Rain splatter painting!


Do you have some craft sticks in your art cupboard? They make great foundations for amazing stick puppets. After you create your stick friends, dress them up for a family puppet show!


Get out the color crayons and a pencil sharpener and create a collection of crayon shavings on top of a piece of wax paper.

After the shavings have been collected and spread evenly across the paper, cut another sheet of paper equal in size to lay on top of the shavings. Use an iron on the lowest setting to iron directly on top of the waxed paper and melt the crayon shavings. It only takes a quick swipe of the iron to do this. The wax immediately melts and cools rather quickly. After the wax paper cools, cut out any shapes you fancy!

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