Top 5 Fab Outside Activities for Preschoolers

Fun ideas for "at home" play.

It is already nearing the end of June, and you and the kids might be feeling more home-bound than ever. May we suggest some fun outdoor play-based activities that reinforce many of the fundamental preschool skills your child is in the process of learning? We guarantee these activities are a win-win. They are designed to keep your preschooler active, while practicing skills that are the foundations of organizing academically later.

1. Nature Soup- Critical Thinking Skills

What is for lunch today? Nature soup is on the menu! Get a large bucket. Add water, pinecones, grass, daisies, dandelions, whatever natural treasures you can round up. Stir with a big stick and serve in plastic bowls! MMMM! The natural world inspires children to think, question, make suppositions, and develop creative minds.

Practicing pouring from one container to another is a great way to reinforce mathematical and scientific thinking When children pour they have to think about how fast to pour, how long to pour, how far to turn the spout, when it is time to stop pouring.

2. Flower Potion Lab-Critical Thinking Skills

Magic Flower Potions

Set up a science lab on a small table outside. This idea is from The author suggests that you begin this activity by taking a basket and going on a nature walk to collect all kinds of wildflowers. When you return, it is time to set up a magic potion station.

Encourage your young scientist to experiment by pouring, mixing and scooping. In addition, encourage your scientist to create stories for the potions. This one makes your hair curly. This potion turns you into a dragon!

Make sure your Flower Potion station has:




Sticks and spoons

Food Color

This outside endeavor is such an open-ended opportunity to pretend, pour and measure, and explore thousands of possibilities.

3. Outdoor Color Match- Visual Discrimination Skills

Color is one of the first differences children begin to easily recognize and sort. Grab some colored chalk and let your child create different colored circles on your driveway or sidewalk. Now it is time for a at-home scavenger hunt! Send your child off to find items that match those colors and place them in the circle. To add some excitement, time your child., or set an alarm of some sort to see if they can finish this task before the bell chimes!

4. Open A Car Wash- Pretending

It was Einstein who said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." At Life in Christ Preschool our entire educational curriculum celebrates opportunities for learning through creative play.

When it is a hot and sunny day, imagine your own car wash! Gather some water in buckets, gentle dish soap, sponges and maybe the garden hose for “Car Wash Day”. Line up the bikes, toddler cars, wagons, wheelbarrows, and set your little one to scrubbing and rinsing. You might want to offer a popsicle for the extra effort to scrub your tires!

A variation might include a drive-through bike car wash utilizing your sprinlkler.

5. Build a Backyard Fort- More Pretending

When it is wintertime, children often use cushions, blankets, and chairs to create their very own fort inside. Since it is summertime, encourage your child to cultivate creative building skills to construct their own backyard fort. Help them collect different items such as sticks, leaves, patio chairs, sprinklers to crawl under. The sky really is the limit when it comes to making a place special out of doors. Do not forget that a favorite stuffed animal or toy might need their very own fort too!

Staying at home has not been easy for parents or preschoolers. We want you to know we are thinking of our preschoolers and their families. We hope you are remaining healthy and happy.We look forward to preschool opening again this fall of 2020. For moreinformation about enrollingin our small classes, that last 2.5 hours please see our Register Page.

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