Owl Babies- Preschool Science

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell is a favorite preschool book at Life in Christ Preschool. Not only does it examine the fears and separation anxiety that little ones have both in the middle of the night and when their parents aren’t around, but it scientifically explains the life of a baby owl.

So, do you know what a real baby owl is called? Here is where your preschool science lesson can begin!


Baby owls are actually referred to as an Owlet. Owlets do not usually leave the nest for long and cannot completely care for themselves, but as they get older they will explore near the nesting area and may even be found on the ground. When the owl chicks are born they peck out of their eggs with the help of an egg tooth, which will fall off after a week or two.

You can see Owl Babies in story form at this video address. Watch The Owl Babies Story.

Did you ever wonder why Sarah, Percy and Bill are different sizes? Owls lay their eggs over the course of a few days, so there will always be a size difference in the owl siblings, as they hatch at different times.

Can you retell the story of Owl Babies? Story baskets are a great way to play act a story after you read it. During our time at home because of COVID-19, Ms. Kristen created two Owl Babies baskets to use next year at preschool. The Owl Rocks were pretty simple to do. The Owl felts, took a tad longer to sew.

Right after finishing my story baskets, a Facebook friend of mine who is an amazing photographer found some real live baby owls near his home in Duluth! He tells an amazing story from just this week with the help of his camera! I wanted to share his amazing photos with you! You can see more of Ed's wildlife and owlet photos on his Facebook page at this link.

Edward Lee - Visual Storyteller- from Duluth Minnesota

April 15, 2020: It's official! There are triplets! Today is the first time I can prove there are three young Great Horned Owls on the nest. Yea!

April 16, 2020: In today's episode of "The Triplets", we find them all out on the branches of this large Pine. They are quickly losing sticks from the nest by moving Today, we found 1/2 of a rat that was thrown from the nest earlier today. They are eating well and we found Mom in a nearby tree in heavy cover!

April 17, 2020: If you have ever been around Triplets for a family photo you know that getting them to sit still, face the camera and smile at the same time is almost impossible. At this time, I have not heard these three utter a peep! Mom and Dad have told them to "Shut up and sit still or you will attacked by a murder of Crows" That is actually a real threat as Crows and Owls have an ongoing war because they hate each other.

Look! Can you see her? Mom has returned!

In the Owl babies story, did you wonder who made the owlets nest? Owls don’t make their own nests. Instead, they take over the abandoned nests of other birds. Baby owls will stay in the nest for just about six weeks after hatching, give or take, depending on the species. This means Ed's Owlets might be leaving the nest soon.

In closing, I created a game for you to print out and play with. Click Here. I urge you to make a nest for the baby owlets to move into out of a paper lunchbag. Just trim and fringe the sides until your nest looks safe and comfy for the owlets.

Print these out and count them while they fly from their safe nest to a tree their Mama Owl sits in. Can you place these baby owlets in numerical order? Can you count how many owlets are in the nest? Last, play Owl shapes. Can you tell someone what shape each owlet has on their tummy?

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