Preschool Counts! Math Practice For Your Three-Year Old

3-Year Old Numbers, Counting & Pre-Math Skills

Life in Christ Preschool, Albertville, Mn.

Preschool is the perfect time for children to learn the foundations of math! Prior to CoVid-19, the Sheep Class at Life in Christ Preschool was working on four essential skills.

1. Counting and recognizing numbers one to ten

2. Counting up to twenty

3. Understanding that numbers and objects correspond

4. Learning and identifying the basic shapes. Shapes become foundations later in learning for geometry.

In this post we found some engaging practice online games, and also some work at home activities to practice these essential lessons.

Counting Pizza Party offers parents free online practice games for preschool math. There's no pizza party like a counting pizza party! In this math game, students count the correct number of toppings and add them to the pizza to match the customer's order. When finished, they will ring the bell and hear the toppings counted aloud. Wacky toppings and fun characters make practicing numbers fun. Click here to play the game.

Counting in the Kitchen

Preschool mathematicians can flex their number sense skills as they practice counting numbers 1–10. As the puppy expertly stacks up orders of burgers and tacos, it’s up to your child to determine which plate has the number of items that match the number at the top of the screen. Click here to play this game.


Circle the Number

Help your little learners build their foundational math skills in this preschool number sense worksheet. In this activity, kids will count the objects and then circle the number that matches the correct amount. This worksheet will give your preschooler practice counting and identifying numbers 0–10 as they demonstrate an understanding of one-to-one correspondence. Click here to download worksheet

Shapes Hopper

How many shapes can your child identify? Find out with this mud-filled shape game. Once a shape is correctly identified, you can move on to victory! Click here to play the game.

Counting Watermelon Seeds

Math games that you can make at home are always a great way to get your little learner excited about math and counting. With this delicious Watermelon seed game, your little ones can add and subtract seeds to increase their one to one ratio mathematical skills. Use raisins or chocolate chips for watermelon seeds. This is such a taste treat game! Click here to print out free watermelon cards.

While you are distancing at home and trying to keep your preschooler busy, practicing math is one way to make great use of your together time and to keep your preschooler involved and entertained. Through those activities, you might even have some fun too! We hope you are doing well and that your family members are all healthy. We miss you in the classroom and keep you in our prayers!

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