Easter Fun From Things Around Your House

Hop around the house today to collect some art materials to get your little ones into the Easter Spirit. While we all shelter in-place through April 10, 2020, I have been so impressed while browsing my Facebook and seeing so many creative posts from our preschool families. Seriously, our Moms and Dads are the best! I loved one family's beautiful hand painted picture window, while another family went on shape hunts all around their house.

If your art cupboard might be running on low, here are some simple Easter crafts, that might come from your recycling bin!

Cupcake Paper Flowers

Look in your baking drawer and see if you have a few cupcake liners. I was trying to come up with a simple craft for children to make and give as a gift to those we care for. Our Grandmother is feeling lonely due to our safe distancing situation. Not only is this craft fun to make, but it is a beautiful gift for your Grandmother.

Bunnies From A Roll!

This recyclable craft is from a familiar roll! Of course if you can't find pip cleaner whiskers around the house, paper or tooth picks whiskers might be just as cute.

Hopping Feet!

I love my children's foot prints. Their toes are just so kissable. If you are a brave parent, make some foot hopping bunnies and create some tickle giggles as you help your child to paint the bottoms of their feet. Ms. Angie is a much braver teacher then myself and she always comes up with a darling foot print craft for her 4-year old students each year at school. I am always amazed on how well she keeps the mess to a minimum. In my mind, I see kids running all over the room leaving painted foot prints on the carpet. Make sure your little foot model stays put in their chair. Yes, Ms. Angie sets them in a chair to do this! Take a cue from her experience!

Cone Heads!

Who says all bunnies are a certain shape? Make some of these cone bunnies with just paper and scotch tape. If your drawer is empty and you don't have construction paper, think paper bags, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper or anything else around your house.

Tape Resist Cross

Finally, He is risen! Easter celebrations remind us of the sacrifice that our Savior Jesus made for us. Tape resist painting is always an interesting way to create art. I recommend using painters tape if you have some for this project. It is easier to remove.

Please know that we are thinking of you and your family during these long days. This time of social distancing, of isolation, and of quarantine are very hard. As a teacher, I want you to know I miss you and your beautiful children. I look forward to being able to reconnect with all of you!


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