Magic Monday Gross Motor and Counting While Home During Covid-19

Who knew that preschoolers have the same amount of energy as professional athletes? It is true. So, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with the ever-growing list of cancellations, closures and other news surrounding Covid-19 virus, we certainly understand.

Just this morning, Life in Christ Preschool followed the STMA School District policy and closed our preschool through March 27, 2020. While we wish everyone in our preschool family to remain healthy and safe during this time, we certainly miss our students and understand that this is maybe a bit stressful or even scary for your children. We decided instead to take this opportunity to provide some daily learning at home activities for our preschool friends.

Kids need free, unstructured playtime every day and especially if their activities are canceled. Since your little ones need exercise, you can make it fun and educational. Here are two extra fun inside learning games that might help to entertain them. Tell your kiddos you are celebrating Magic Monday!!

Name Hop Gross Motor Activity

Materials: Markers and paper plates

Object of Game: Learning the letters in our names

We are always looking for new and fun ways to practice learning our names. Repetition is key- so the more variety we have in our name practice, the more fun! Ready to name hop?

Place paper plates in an organized square shape and write the letters of your child’s name and siblings names one plates. Ask children to hop to each alpha plate to spell their name in order. Students might require your help to spell their names. If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll love the little bit of competition to see who can hop on their name letters the fastest.

Color Race Game

Materials: Construction paper squares

Object of Game: Running around- to get exercise, while Mom gets stuff done. Also, color recognition.

Ready, set, let’s race to find hidden colors. Step one is Mom gets many colors of construction paper and hides them in the house… up the stairs… out to the garage… maybe to the mailbox. Pick a color as the starting line then just sit back and start yelling out colors.


1. Yell out one child’s name and a color for them to run too.

2. Yell another color for another child, see who can get there and run back to you first.

3. Try this game obstacle course style and have children crawl under things or climb over things to get to colors.

4.You could add a color wheel from a game you already own, and have the kids take turns spinning to find the next color.

Monday Celebrate 8!

This week at school, our number of the week is eight. Today at home, 8 could be the lucky number of the day.

8 Marbles Cut and Paste Sheet

Click here to download our 8 marbles cut and paste sheet. Can you cut out and glue eight gumballs in the jar?

Pizza Playdough Mat

Playdough mats are always fun. Click here to download our Pizza playdough mat and have children make eight play dough pepperoni pieces to stick on this delicious pizza.

Counting Cookies

Speaking of counting, chocolate chip cookies are always a good vehicle for learning to count. Here's how to play the cookie number game.

Materials: Construction paper circles & marker to write chocolate chips. Spatula. Cooling rack.

Object of Game: Using a spatula (or pancake flipper... or whatever you call it), pick up two matching "cookies" that both have the same number of "chocolate chips" (dots) on them. Count the dots just to double check and then place the matching cookies on the cooling rack! The goal of the game is to get all the matches onto the cooling rack.

You can work alone or together or compete against a partner.

Not only did this activity work on counting and visual discrimination, it also worked on strengthening fine and gross motor skills.

Learning from home especially on your first day might be a big change for those that are forced to do so due to school closures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A few things you can do to make this temporary transition successful are: Maintain your normal school routine Get up at the same time, establish a lunchtime, and take time to relax together.

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