Playful Approaches to Preschool Math

Humans are born to play. Don’t take my word for it, there happens to be volumes of research to support the fact that play is irrepressibly human. For preschoolers, that means we can play to learn while reinforcing math concepts and ideas at a very young age.

Math at Home

At home, you can create simple math ideas and activities that will help your preschooler to play, think, reason, and wonder. Collaborative fun might entail building a tower and counting the blocks. At school we often offer home made games that encourage students to match numbers with egg cartons or plastic eggs. We also find that visual patterns stimulate free thinking. For little hands that love to pretend to cook, cutting pretend cookies made of play-dough in half or by fourths will help to demonstrate beginning concepts of fractions.

Other at Home Math Activities:


Dice Games

Card Games

At preschool, we like to say that we embrace the mess. Play creates open spaces for thinking where teachers can guide students to engage with big and interesting ideas of mathematics. Manipulatives like snap cubes, pattern blocks, and memory match can help preschoolers learn basic math skills.

The freedom to play creates opportunities for deeper engagement. Hope today is your play day!

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