Five Days of Play

We know you want to encourage your child’s sense of wonder. Now that school is out, we have a few suggestions for some creative play that you might not have thought about yet. Play is fun for the kids, but above that, it lends a way for them to express themselves and learn new skills.

Day 1-Bubble Fun Made More Creative

The dollar store will sell you a giant jug of bubbles for just one dollar. Since you are already there, consider grabbing a bag of pony beads and a bag of pipe cleaners. Presto! you have something special planned for the afternoon. Make enough bubble wands so the entire neighborhood can play. If you are not at the dollar store and you have no pony beads, make your own by cutting straws into smaller pieces.

Day 2- Let’s Wash Some Cloths!

Mom’s sure do appreciate help with our household tasks. Children love to help! Even more exciting, is children love bubbles and getting wet. If you have a water / sand table at home, set up an entire Miss Wishy Washy station. If you do not have a table like this- it can be just as much fun with a dish pan and a small table. Baby dolls love to have a bath too! Be brave and set the Barbie family out for a spa day! Of course, Barbie’s hair will never be the same.

Day 3- Recycle Cloths Pins

After so much fun cleaning up yesterday, make a mess today. Cloths pins make wonderful paint brush handles. You can organize paint in a brownie or muffin pan and let your children discover the magic of mixing colors, dotting colors, brushing colors, there is no limit to the beauty and art you can create!

Day 4- Make A Collection

This photo of a Nature Collection from The Imagination Tree is beautiful. I want to encourage you not to worry or expect your nature collection to be this elaborate. The fun part of making any kind of collection together is hunting for all the special treasures that will become a part of your creation!

Head out on a walk in the great outdoors today and see what your child wants to collect. Other collection ideas might include bug collections, rock collections, feather collections, even photos of nature collections, you get the idea.

Day 5-Paper Plate Masks

With just half of a paper plate and a stick or straw, you can become a three eyed alien, a prehistoric T-Rex or a sweet and cuddly bunny. Make a mask, create a story to go with, and pretend your own story with a happy ending.

The best advice we can share with our parents is this advice; “Play does not have to be hard work.” Most of the time, the simpler the play is, the better. For example, play ‘tickle monster’ when you are lifting them down from the car or the swing. Play “This little piggy went to the market” while you are putting their shoes on. Whatever you decide to do, playing with your children shows them that they come first. When you are playing, it may look like just play to your child, but you are molding their sweet little imaginations.

Have a wonderful first week of summer! Enjoy these rare times when the weather allows for outside time with your children.

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