Which Class Should I Choose For My 4 or 5 year Old?

With the year before kindergarten approaching, your child will become prepared to enter the academic classroom setting. Getting ready for kindergarten involves more than just learning the ABCs. New social experiences like taking turns and going to school for an entire day need to be considered as well. Kindergarten teachers will tell you that the students who are ready to learn are those who come into school with good social and behavior-management skills.

We offer 3 day a week and 4 day a week kindergarten readiness programs. We structure our learning time to include pre-reading skills, practicing letters and number formations, and enhancing listening and communication skills. In addition to skills, we emphasize teaching students how to raise their hand, take turns, and share the teacher's attention.

Preschool Listening and Communication Goals

  • Listen attentively

  • Raise hands or wait to speak. We help children to learn basic manners, through story reading and role playing.

  • Act on instruction and repeat spoken directions

  • Engage in question-and-answer dialogue with classmates and teachers

3 Day Verses the 4 Day Per Week Class

Children are not inherently ready or not ready for school. Every child learns and grows in their own time. At Life in Christ Preschool we offer a 3-day a week morning class and a 4-day a week afternoon class for 4 and 5 year-olds.

Which class is better for your child?

Is your child a morning person? According to a recent CBS News poll 35% of us are not. Often times parents choose our afternoon class to avoid stressful mornings with their child. On the other hand, many families feel their student is ready to learn in the morning. The choice is a personal one.

One factor that may matter for your student is the extra day of school. Attending preschool four days a week, verses three days a week can be beneficial in preparing your child for next year when they will attend school 5 full time days a week. Getting used to a daily school schedule can help ease your child's transition to the structure of a kindergarten settings.

A second factor in helping you decide, might be class size. The Life in Christ morning Fish Class is historically larger. This year we enrolled 20 students. Our afternoon class is smaller. In 2019, the class hosted 10 students.

Small Class Size Benefits

• Children in smaller classes tend to work well as a group and bond closely to one another, which makes for a secure environment.

• Teachers are better able to identify a student’s strengths and areas where improvement is needed, so they can help address the needs of everyone in the class.

• Smaller classes are usually less stressful, as fewer conflicts arise.

Learn More. See our class schedule, rates, and availability for 2019-2020.

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