What This Year

Will Look Like

Do we look normal to you? Good!

After careful thought, planning, and lots of prayers, we are excited to announce that Life in Christ Preschool will be opening its doors for in-person preschool in September!  We appreciate your patience and grace so far and continue to ask for this going forward. These decisions are not easy ones and although there is an abundance of guidance available from the Centers for Disease Control, Minnesota Department of Health, and Minnesota Department of Education, there is still much to consider in this ever-changing situation. 


Below are some of the highlights of our COVID preparedness plan. Our goal is to make preschool as normal as possible for your children while also having the health and safety of families as a priority. 

Class Size

  • Our class sizes this year will be a maximum of 15 children. We are licensed for 20 but will keep them smaller this year. 

  • We will not be socially distancing the children. This is not a developmentally appropriate expectation for 3-5-year-olds. One of the main goals of the preschool experience is to practice and develop social and emotional skills. 

  • The children will not be wearing masks. Young children are not reliable wearers of face coverings. 

  • Teachers and parents/guardians will be required to wear a mask during drop off and pick up. If parents need to enter the building for any reason, they will wear a mask.

  • Pick up and drop off will occur outside or in between the 2 sets of preschool doors. 

  • Before entering, we will take each child's temperature and do a health screening. Staff will also be screened daily. 

  • Surfaces and toys will be sanitized during class as needed and also between classes. 

  • Children will sanitize their hands when they arrive at school and they will wash their hands throughout the day. 

  • If a child or staff person tests positive for COVID, we will contact the MDH and follow their guidance. This will mean that the class or anyone else who has had close contact will need to quarantine for 14 days. 

About Masks and Distancing


COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Life in Christ Preschool

2020 – 2021

COVID-19 Parent Agreement

Life in Christ Preschool

2020 – 2021